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Helen Aileen "Aileen" KECKLER
and her mother


Aileen KECKLER 2nd wife of George SEGGELKE

  Source: Photos and notes. Nov. 2, 2001, Letter from Barb SEGGELKE, granddaughter of George Seggelke by his first wife Nellie -  

Aileen was the daughter of

Grace DUNNUCK (b.1874) Mechanicsburg, Sangamon Co., IL-.d. July 10, 1961 Lincoln IL) Bur Elkhart Cem
+ Melvin Grant KECKLER b. 1872 d 1927. Newton IA


Helen Aileen "Aileen" KECKLER -
Nurse at Lincoln, IL
b. July 24, (age 64 at death)
d. Feb. 27, 1968, Elkhart IL cemetery



 Aileen Keckler


Melvin Keckler


"Grandmother Catherine " Kate" Keckler"
Mother of Melvin

Dear Sue,

Aileen was a school teacher first here in Logan County, then she went into the nursing/teaching field. As a nurse she was enlisted in the Army during WWII as a nurse instructer. While doing this I was told she became an undercover agent for the FBI working as a nurse in hospital's all over to see who was messing with the drugs.

Later she came back to Logan County and started working at ALM hosiptal in Lincoln, IL. Her mother was working at George Seggelke's nursing home. He had a small nursing home in his home after his 1st wife died. Aileen's mother introduced them and they married. Aileen worked with George running the nursing home. When health regulations tightened they had to close their home buisness and by then the retired due to ill health.

That's the story in a nut shell, I have pictures of Aileen and some of the certificates she earned. ...... Thanks for your info. I haven't ever talked to anyone who was related to Aileen before. Aileen never had any children.


More from Barb Seggelke  
"Aileen" wed widower, George Henry SEGGELKE, son of Henry J (1859-1944) and Mary M. (GERMACK) (1863-1933) SEGGELKE, on March 29, 1955. George was born July 9, 1893, Warsaw, IL - d. April 1984.

George had been previously wed to Nellie Marie HAWKINS (1898 Denmark, IA - 1951 Lincoln, IL). George & Nellie were wed in Keokuk IA August 15, 1917.With Nellie George had three children: Harold E., Florence E. and Joseph T.

George lived in
Warsaw, IL 1893 (not IN)
Quincy IL Graduated H.S.1912
Keokuk, IA - 1st marriage 1917
Hamilton, IL 1926-1937
Springfield, IL 1937-1940
Lincoln, IL 1955-1984

George & Aileen