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Source: HISTORY OF MARSHALL COUNTY, Page 575 publ 1908
  WILLIAM EVERLY, one of the prominent citizens of Plymouth and of Marshall County as well, is a native Hoosier, having been born in Kosciusko County, Indiana, October 3, 1854. He is a son of Joseph and Sarah Mackay-Everly, both of whom were natives of Pennsylvania. They were the parents of seven children, four boys and three girls of whom the subject of this sketch is the youngest. His father was of German extraction, and his mother of Scotch-Irish decent. In his general physical and mental make-up he partakes largely of the admirable qualities of the lineage from which he is descended. He is of robust build, six feet in height, black sparkling eyes and ruddy complexion.

He was educated in the public schools of Kosciusko county and in the Warsaw High School, and at the age of eighteen, one year after his father's death, which occurred in Kosciusko county, he commenced teaching in the public schools of that county, in which profession he continued for a period of fourteen years. After abandoning his work as a teacher he has since been closely allied to schoolwork, being engaged in the supplying of schools with the much needed apparatus which his former experience as a teacher convinced him was essential to good work. He was reared under the influence of the Christian faith, of which both his father and mother were ardent and devout members. Politically he is and always has been a Democrat, as were all his family from the time of the formation of the Democratic Party. But beyond being elected and serving as trustee of Harrison township, Kosciusko county, the township in which he was born and reared, he has never been an applicant for office, believing the victory he achieved by his election as trustee in a township in which the Republican majority was largely against him was political glory enough for a lifetime.

He was united in marriage with Miss Amanda A. Dunnock, November 11, 1877, to whom were born three children, one son and two daughters, only one of whom grew to womanhood Lola -who is happily married to Harry B. Lamson, of Plymouth, and resides in South Bend, Indiana. His first wife having died October 25, 1902, he was united in his second marriage to Miss Harriet B. Kelly, July 3, 1905, and resides in a palatial mansion in the city of Plymouth.

In 1886 he removed from Kosciusko County and settled on a small farm, which by industry and economy he had managed to acquire. In 1895 he entered into the general contracting line of business, and up to the present has occupied a goodly portion of his time in that line of work. Being reared on a farm, his liking for that profession clings to him still, and a portion of his time is devoted to managing his large landed estate, which, having added to his first farm here a little and there a little, now covers an area of five hundred and twenty acres, most of which is among the best lands in this section of the state.

In the social and society circles of life he is a popular and prominent figure. He belongs to the Masonic orders in Plymouth, and has filled the highest office in the Masonic lodge, Royal Arch Chapter and Knights
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