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 Backgraound Color Codes: descendants of - no special order

Joshua - blue
Thomas - green
Other children/events of John 1747 - Black on yellow background
John 1773 children of John-1773 --> red,
daughters & Luke
b. 1816
b. 1798
John 1814
unknown - Black text on white background

 West Liberty Church History of Church, White Hall, MD where John was buried in1819 in MD
Newgate Prison - John Dunnuck 1737 - Old Bailey Court records (father of John 1747)
Rachel (DUNNUCK) AYERS dau of John 1747
Amanda (Mrs. William EVERLY) DUNNUCK. Dau of John W. & Henrietta
Amanda (Mrs. William EVERLY) DUNNUCK.#2 desc of Everly family Dau of John W. & Henrietta
 Benjamin (widower) DUNNUCK & 2nd wife, Miss Sarah MITCHELL
Sarah (MITCHELL) DUNNUCK's Family Wife of Benjamin DUNNUCK
Benjamin Elroy "Elroy" DUNNICK, son of Benjamin and Mary (BELONG) DUNNICK, death
Dianah (TALLMAN) DUNNUCK, 1st wife of Joshua DUNNUCK
Elizabeth (DUNNUCK) PETERS (Husband William PETERS)
Henrietta (Scott) DUNNUCK (wife of John W.) Obituary
Henton Monroe DUNNICK, son of Benjamin T., Grandson of Joshua, publ 1906
Jermaiah VANDEMARK (widower) & 2nd wife, Dianah Ann (DUNNUCK) widow LOYD publ 1887
Joash CROMLEY, wife was dau. of Mrs. Phebe (DUNNICK) ASHBROOK, granddau. of Joshua, publ 1906
John W. DUNNUCK (ICK) and wife Henrietta SCOTT biography publ 1887
John W. DUNNUCK obituary
*Joshua DUNNUCK Most inclusive - excerpts compiled from many sources
Joshua DUNNICK wives . Publ 1880 (included in above) + son Thomas J.
Pheobe, BORTON, EVERLY, MAYER - dau of John W. & Henrietta (Everly descendancy chart)
BELL,... Rebecca & Phebe ( wifes of Samuel and #2 of Joshua)
Lyman Douglas DUNNUCK,
(Oela C. DUNNICK) (A.C. NORTHSTINE Sr.) dau of Henton Monroe DUNNICK, publ 1906
Ralph O. NUSBAUM & wife Miss Ruby G. DUNNUCK (coming)
Sarah Ruth DUNNICK, (widow, LOUDERMAN) STRADLEY - Time Line 1832-1907
Thomas J. DUNNICK, Son of Joshua, husband of Ruth Bowman, Publ 1880
 George W. ASHBROOK, son of Mrs Phebe (DUNNICK) ASHBROOK, grandson of Joshua, publ 1906
Monroe ASHBROOK, son of Mrs. Phebe (DUNNICK) ASHBROOK, grandson of Joshua.
Thomas ASHBROOK, re; family of Minerva (ASHBROOK) wife of Benjamin DUNNICK
William Benton LAWYER, son-in-law to Sarah Ruth (DUNNICK) (Ruth, the widow of LOUDERMAN, wife of STRADLEY
Thomas LOYD, son of Dianah (DUNNUCK) and Abel LOYD (Loyd/Manley/Everly connection)
George McKINLEY, brother-in-law to Monroe ASHBROOK, son of Mrs. Phebe (DUNNICK) ASHBROOK, grandson of Joshua.
James STEWARD, husband of Amelia (DUNNUCK), who was the dau. of Benjamin and Minerva (ASHBROOK) DUNNUCK
Scott Boyd SWOPE - (Husband of Mary "Iva" Dunnick) profile in History of Fairfield Co. & Representative Citizens pps 709-710.
Edward M. HOY & wife Miss Lennie D. DUNNUCK publ 1904
Captain Emanuel CROSS , son of Ruth DUNNUCK CROSS publ 1904
David D. DUNNUCK, son of Joshua and Margaret (Griffith) DUNNUCK - Obituary d. 1890 in WY
Margaret (MANTLE) DUNNICK, wife of Nicholas
Children of Thomas ( TO ILLINOIS -Nicholas, Joshua, Elisha, Ruth, Mary, and Elizabeth)
GORSUCH, wife of Thomas DUNN*CK, Thomas son of John & Catherine of MD. Actually a descendancy chart & sources for more information.
Clyde Mantle DUNNUCK, newspaper article 1889 Decatur, IL
DUNNUCK, Joshua (1810) son of Thomas
KECKLER, H. Aileen, dau of Grace (DUNN*CK) KECKLER, wife of George H. SEGGELKE
KEYS, James H. husband of Sara DUNNUCK, Sara of Joshua of KS
KING, siblings, wife of Elisha DUNNUCK and husband of Elizabeth DUNNUCK
REUNION - ILLINOIS 1928 - Joshua's family
Elisha DUNNUCK, obituary - clipping - 1816-1894 Son of John Dunnuck
Mary DILSAVER, wife of Elisha G. DUNNUCK, Elisha son of John and Sarah (Hughes) DUNNUCK - descendancy chart
Mary DILSAVER, obituary, wife of Elisha G. DUNNUCK
William Marrow DUNNUCK Obituary - son of Elisha and Mary (Keys) DUNNUCK
Hannah (Clarkson) DUNNUCK Obituary - wife of William Marrow DUNNUCK
Henry GOSHERT, father of Rebecca (DUNNUCK) GOSHERT's husband David
Margaret Rosella DUNNICK, wife of Harvey M. SMETHERS, dau of George F.
Alonzo G. DUNNUCK, son of George F. & Eunice (Timmons) Crowell, DUNNUCK
Eunice Victoria (DUNNICK) Mrs. John HEID, obituaries daughter of George F & Eunice DUNNICK
Henry KEMPER, father of wife of Egbert Green DUNNUCK
William Jasper DUNNUCK, son of George F. & Eunice DUNNUCK (obituary)
Joseph DUNNUCK - (son William) OH - husband of Catherine (DILDINE) widow Wright
Does anyone know to which family this Joseph belongs?
Hiram W. CURTIS, son of Mary "Polly" (DUNNUCK) & Enoch CURTIS, Publ 1911 and another Publ. 1986
George William CURTIS, son of Hiram CURTIS, Publ 1986
Charles H. CURTIS, son of Mary "Polly" (DUNNUCK) & Enoch CURTIS, Publ 1886
Laura H. (CURTIS) COPELAND granddaughter of Mary "Polly" DUNNUCK (COPELAND ancestors)
BELL,... Rebecca & Phebe ( wifes of Samuel and #2 of Joshua)
Dora Belle (MILLER) DUNNICK (wife of Charles) Dora's family
SHATTO, Henry J. Father of Wilbur Shatto, husband of Martha DUNNUCK
Catherine (DUNNUCK-b. 1812) TIMMONS Daughter of John b. 1773 in MD
Thomas SABER & wife Martha TIMMONS (dau of Mrs. (William) Catherine TIMMONS b. MD 1812) publ 1887
Edison B. SABER grandson of Catherine (DUNNUCK) TIMMONS, publ 1902
Jesse LEAZENBY husband of Ann DUNNUCK, (dau of John b 1773 & Sarah Hughes)
Peter I. McECHRON husband of Mary Ellen/Ella DUNNICK (dau of Newton) granddaughter of LUKE
James P. McECHRON - murdered, son of Mary (DUNNICK) McECHRON