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 Gorsuch/ Dunnuck connections

Source: The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol XXXVI, Oct. 1918, # 4 - pages 421...426 by J.H.P,(Later identified as John Hall Pleasants) Baltimore, MD. (careful - not 100% accurate, but quite detailed.)

Source: Genealogies of Virginia Families Volume III, by Fleet - Hayes, pages 226-231 publ. Genealogical Publ Co., Inc, Baltimore 1981. Beginning on page 232. (from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 1909, Vol XVII - pages 288-293) Both articles available from the Illinois State Historical Library, the Old State Capitol, Springfield, Illinois 61701. This article connects the Gorsuch family with Francis Lovelace, colonial governer of N.Y. 1668-1673. It traces the Gorsuch family back to London in 1633. Apparently the Gorsuch Family articles ran in 1909, and from 1916- 1919. I have not seen them all. First see index published in 1981by Fleet & Hayes

Xeroxed pages on the Gorsuch/Dunnuck family from Louesa J. Keys, written about 1934.

A source I have not seen is The Gorsuch Genealogy by Charles W. Gorsuch, Lebanon, 1905, pages 22-82 is said to detail the Ohio branch which I assume would have more on the Dunnuck's.
1) Our Eleanor (GORSUCH) DUNNUCK descends from William, a London Merchant who wed in 1566 to Avice HILLSON They had a son Danyell or Daniell  
  2) Danyell GORSUCH was also a London Merchant. He wed Alice HALL and they had two children, John and Katherine.  
    3) John GORSUCH was rector of Walkern Church, Herfordshire England. He was born in the early 1600's. He wed Ane Lovelace who was born ca 1610 and died 1652. They had 12 children - 9 on record, 7 lived in America. William, Daniel, Katherine Robert, Richard, Anne, Elizabeth, Charles, Lovelace, and 3 whose names are unknown.  
      4 Charles GORSUCH 1642-1716 Came as a colonist to VA. Later became a quaker and moved to MD because of persecutions. ___?__ owned 5000 acres in and around Baltimore (Both Charles 4 and Charles 5 wed women named Sarah Cole. These two Sarah's are not related.
Maryland Indexes - Marriage References by Robert Barnes MSA S 1527
Charles Gorsuch, of TA (Eastern Shore where the Tred Avon) Co., m. by 8 Dec 1679, Sarah, heir of Thomas Cole (BALR IR#PP:46, IR#AM:185).

Children: John b. 1678-1732, Thomas 1680-1774, Charles 1686-1746/7
        5) Charles 1686-1746 / 47 Children: John, William, Hannah
Sarah Cole
The younger Charles also married a Sarah Cole who was daughter to John and Johanna Garrett Cole (Coale) of Baltimore
Charles, m. by 1720, Sarah Coale of BA Co. (MWB 16:259).
          6) John b. 1713 & Mary (PRICE) GORSUCH m. March 4, 1735 One know child Charles
            7) Charles b. 1736-1808
+ Eleanor (BOND) GORSUCH m. Sept 1, 1768
David and Rebecca were "half cousins",

David the son of Charles 6 and Margaret ( ?) GORSUCH

Rebecca was the daughter of Charles 7 and Eleanor (BOND) GORSUCH 
8) Rebecca GORSUCH (1767-1841)
+ David GORSUCH m. 1786 (1763-1841)
Lived Baltimore Co. MD near the PA border (at Gorsuch Mills) on Deer Creek where Rebecca & David are buried.
12 Children:- Eleanor was # 1
(three other children also intermarried with Gorsuch kin- noted in pink below)

Thomas Chart, Thomas in ABC index and
Dunnuck Descendancy charts,

    9-1) Eleanor GORSUCH (1787-1841)
+ Thomas
m. 1809 - 11 children
to OH
                9-2) Charles -
+Ruth RUTLEDGE to OH his children intermarried with CURTIS, SUTTON etc.
                9-4) Elisha Gorsuch b. 1792
+Hannah GORSUCH 2 children
                9-5) Stephen GORSUCH b. 1795
+ Rachel GORSUCH
13 children (to Bethany, Butler Co. OH)
The CURTIS name appears in the descendants of Samuel Dunnuck. Mary "Polly" Dunnick wed Enoch CURTIS in Pickaway Co. OH then on to Logan Co. IL. Might this be the same CURTIS family?       9-7) Mary m. Joseph CURTIS 1819 - lived in OH  
      9-8) Rebecca m. #1 Levi CURTIS -  
                9-12) William GORSUCH
b. 1813 (to IN)
6 children
              8) Charles  
              9) Sarah Ann GORSUCH
          6) Charles (1729-1792)
+ Sarah - children Dorcas, Charles Benj, Elisha, Joshua
+Unknown- children: John 1760, David 1763, Walliam, Nicholas, Ruth, Sarah.
            7) David GORSUCH b. 1763
m. Rebecca GORSUCH
             7) Hannah GORSUCH
            7) Rachel GORSUCH
+ Stephen GORSUCH