Dunn*ck Family Genealogy


Compiled by Sue N. Haschemeyer 


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Source two newspaper articles

Orange Blossoms: (Wedding of)
L.D. Dunnuck & Miss Clara Kintzel) Publ in the Gazette

Article details the wedding of Lyman and Clara.

Held Saturday Evening of February 26, 1887, 7 pm. at home of bride

groom was a teacher

40 guests

Letter from Athens, Tennessee, dated Nov. 15, 1888 - Publ in the Gazette

I submiot the following for the benefit of my friends who read the Gazette:

I lift Warsaw, Ind., Oct. 9 and arrived in Dayton Tenn., on the 11th, stopping in Cincinnati on the 10th to visit the Exposition which was grand. Getting refreshments at Dayton, we hired a hack and started for a fifteen mile trip over the mountain to where we wished to stop. We reached the place about 4 o'clock in the evening, tried, hungry and sleepy, as we had traveled two nights.

My health was very poor during my four weeks' stay on the mountain. The climate is too changable and the wind too sharp and penetrating to be suitable for a person with bronchial or lung trouble, except a few months in the sumnmer which is very pleasant. I left the mountain on the 6th of November and came to the valley where I find the climate more suitable for me. I have improved some since I cane tot he valley. I cam to Athens on the 18th inst. and found a very nice little town of about 3000 people and situated on the East Tenn. and Tellico railroads. Grant's Memorial University is located here. It is a very fine institution. They educated young men for the Methodist ministry free of charge There are also public schools both colored and white, and five organized churches, three white and two colored. Business interests are lively. Northern and eastern people are coming here and property is increasing in value very fast. Vacant lots bring from two to five hundred dollars each. I think I will like to stop here for the winter.

Send my paper to Athens, Tenn., instead of Brayton.

Very Respectfully