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Compiled by Sue N. Haschemeyer 


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JOHN W. DUNNUCK, obituary (1818-1900)
son of Joshua and Dianah (Tallman) DUNNUCK
great-great-grandfather of Sue Haschemeyer

Source: Newspaper clipping, newspaper not identified
Most likely the Tri-County Gazette or the Warsaw Paper
  Obituary for: John W. Dunnuck (the 2nd part probably taken from the biography)

Grandpa John W. DUNNUCK, passed to his future reward a few moments before noon last Monday, November 26, 1900, after an illness of less than one week. His death was a surprise to many who had not learned of his serious illiness. Thus one by one the early settlers of our country are passing away. Grandpa Dunnuck and wife had been residents of this locality for over sixty years and have been pioneers in the fullest meaning of the term, and during all these years they have been useful and honored citizens. Having borne the hardships of early settlers, they later justly enjoyed the blessings of a prosperous and developed civilization. Mr. Dunnuck was one of the charter members of the Methodist church at this polace and his aged and now bereaved companion is the only remaining member who bears that honored distinction. They both became members of the church at the smae time in 1841, and together they have ever since lived in full christian fellowship within the folds of the church of their choice. For twenty-five years Father Dunnuck held the position of class leader in his church. For nine years he held an exhorter's license, and then he was licensed as a local preacher, and although on account of the feebleness of age during his latter years he has led a quiet and retired life, yet the honorary title has been conferred upon him by his church from year to year. This official act was last recommended by his present pastor with whom he always bore the most cordial, friendly, and loyal relations. His sterling christian character was such that no act of his was ever know to intentionally reflect discredit upon the cause of Christ or the church of his choice. He leaves many friends to revere his memory. The following sketch of his life is handed us for publication:
John W. Dunnuck was born in Pickaway county Ohio, Nov. 21, 1818, died Nov. 26, 1900, age 84 years and 5 days. He was a son of Joshua and Dinah Dunnuck, his father a native of Maryland and his mother, of Virginia. He was reared to manhood in his native country, receiving a good common school education. His mother died in his eighth year and in the fall of 1837 he accompanied his father to Indiana and located near Leesburg where his father died in 1838. He was married Oct. 14, 1838, to Henrietta Scott, a native of Ross county, Ohio. In the spring of 1839 he moved to Franklin township where he purchased a farm and engaged in the work of building a home. After a few years he bought a farm in Harrison township where he lived until the spring of 1887 when he purchased his home in Mentone where he spent the remaining years of his life in enjoying the comforts of life.