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Thomas J. DUNNUCK (further below)


and his father, JOSHUA DUNNUCK


 Joshua, son of John b. 1747 & Catharine of MD




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 Source: History of Franklin and Pickaway Counties, OHIO, publ 1880 by Williams Brothers Publ. Co., page 282.

Contributed by Susan COUCH
Joshua Dunnuck was a native of Maryland, from which state he emigrated to Ohio some time previous to the war of 1812, in which he served for a short time as a member of Captain Nye's light-horse company; he also, in common with every other able-bodied man, served in the State militia during the enforcement of the militia law of the State.

After being a resident of the State a number of years he was married to Miss Diana Tallman, by whom he had four children who lived to maturity besides several who died in infancy. Of their children, Phebe married Absalom Ashbrook, and raised a family of children of whom all but one lived to raise families. John married Henrietta Scott, in Fayette county and made a home in Indiana. Elizabeth married William Peters, and lives near Pleasantville. Benjamin married Minerva Ashbrook, and died in Walnut township, where his family now lives. Joshua Dunnuck's wife died, and he married a second time, his wife being Mrs. Phebe Bell, of Walnut township; their children were Diana who was married, in Indiana, to Abel Lloyd. George T. died when nineteen years of age.

Thomas J. married Ruth Bowman, a daughter of John and Ruth Bowman of Walnut Township. With his wife Mr. Dunnuck received some property, as well as some from his father; his wife also received property from the estate of her brother, William Bowman. Mrs. Dunnuck was a woman of feeble health, but of a singularly gentle and loving disposition, and made a willing helpmeet to her husband, and a careful, judicious mother to their children, of whom they had five. Two of these died in infancy. Their home was a happy one, but, just at they were completing his present comfortable dwelling house, which was designed by Mrs. Dunnuck, and before it was occupied, she died from consumption. She was born October 12, 1834, and died September 12, 1876, aged nearly 42 years. Her death left a vacancy in the once happy home that no other could fill. Their children were: Milton C. who is married and lives in a house on the same premises as his father, Alma R. who now attends to the household duties in her mother's place; and Grace B. who also lives in the home. Mr. Dunnuck has the assurance of a comfortable home during the remainder of his life, on the farm he has occupied since his marriage, which at his death, will become the property of his children. He was a member of the national guard, and was called into duty in the one hundred days service, but procured a substitute, as his presence was needed at home.

Joshua Dunnuck, his father (referring to the father of Thomas J.), had still another daughter,
Sarah Ruth, who married and lost her first husband, John Louderman. She
remarried, and now lives in Illinois.

Also see the biographical on John W. Dunnuck, his son. It includes additional information, including a different death date on Joshua.