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Rachel daughter of John and Catherine (Sutton) DUNNUCK

  Source: IAGenExchange, Historical Accounts, History of Pilotsburg, Washington County Iowa // Portrait and Biographical Album of Washington Couny, IA, 1887, Publ..Chicago: Acme Pub. Co., 1887 // A 1909 publication History of Washington Co. IA, Iowa from the First White Settlements to 1908, by Burrell, Vol II Chicago S. J. Publ Co. Chicago 1909 // 1880 census from LDS online index. // Pilotsburg Cemetery index/ 1850 census (Rickey) for Washington Co. IA. contributed by Sue Haschemeyer  
  I need 1850 census for Pickaway Co. OH & 1860 and 1870 census for Washington Co. IA

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  History of Washington County, Iowa from the First White Settlements to 1908,
by Howard A. Burrell ... Vols II only. Chicago: S J Clarke Publishing Company, 1909.


Among the venerable citizens of this county is numbered J. J. Ayers, who has now reached the age of eighty-five years. His has been an honorable and useful life and one which has gained for him the well merited regard and confidence of those with whom he has come in contact. He was born
in Baltimore county, Maryland, February 8, 1824, and was the third in order of birth in a family of seven children whose parents were John and Rachel (Dunek) Ayers, both of whom were natives of Maryland, where they resided until 1831, when they left that state and removed to Ohio. After a residence of twenty years there they came to Washington county, Iowa, in 1851, settling in Lime Creek township, where they remained until called to their final rest, both passing away in 1875. In their family were seven children, as follows: Elizabeth and John T., both of whom are deceased; J. J., of this review; Rachel A. and Benjamin, who have also passed away; Ruth, the wife of Reuben Rickey, who is mentioned on another page of this work; and Darcus S., a resident of Oklahoma.

J. J. Ayers spent his youthful days in his father's home, accompanying his parents on their removal to Ohio when a lad of seven years. He also came with them to Iowa fifty-eight years ago and continued to assist his
father in the operation of the home farm in Lime Creek township until thirty-four years of age, when he was married and began farming on his own account. He wedded Miss Louisa Baker, who was born in Pickaway county, Ohio, in 1838 and was a daughter of Jacob and Anna (Davis) Baker. The father was born in Delaware and the mother was a native of Maryland. The former died in Ohio in 1860, while the mother passed away in 1868 while visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ayers. In the family of that worthy couple were nine children: Minerva, Treasie, Catharine, James D., Louisa, Warren, Harriet, Tricilla and one who died in infancy.

Following their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Ayers began their domestic life on the farm where they now reside, Mr. Ayers owning here a tract of land of eighty acres in Lime Creek township. His time and energies are given to its continuous cultivation and development and his industry and enterprise are manifest in the well improved appearance of the place. He is reliable in all of his business dealings, active and energetic,
and his well directed labors have brought him his success.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Ayers has been blessed with three children: Dora, who was born December 23, 1858, and died on the 6th of August, 1881; Perry L., living in English River township; and Eva E., who is the wife of J. C. Rowe. The parents are well known in this part of the county, where they have an extensive circle of warm friends. Mr. Ayers votes with the democracy and is I sympathy with its purposes but does
not seek nor desire office. He is not remiss in the duties of citizenship, however, but in a quiet way supports whatever measure or movement he deems will prove of benefit to the community.
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  IAGenExchange, Historical Accounts, History of Pilotsburg, Washington County Iowa

"Of those now living around here Reuben Rickey is the second oldest settler. He came to Washington in the fall of '49, and to the Burg in the spring of '50, when his father, John Rickey, bought out Edward Farley. The Rickeys were workers, and bought and improved, owing at one time over a section of land. Reuben was young and strong then, a lover of fun, and we imagine he had it, too. He can tell tales of courtship in those days which would forever discourage the boy of the present time. For the pioneer maiden was as independent and free as the deer which roamed the prairie, and it required tact and skill to catch her. Reuben was equal to the occasion though, for he was married in '54 to Ruth Ayers. They have lived here ever since.
  Portrait and Biographical Album of Washington Couny, IA, 1887, Publ..Chicago: Acme Pub. Co., 1887

REUBEN RICKEY, a farmer and stock-raiser, resides on section 33, Lime Creek Township. He is a native of Pikaway County, Ohio, where he was born Dec. 28, 1831, and is the son of John and Ruth (Dick) Rickey, the former a native of West Virginia, and the latter of Ohio, and a daughter of Jacob and Sarah Dick, who were natives of West Virginia. They had a family of seven children: Reuben, the subject of this sketch; Thomas, who died in Lime Creek Township in 1850, at the age of seventeen years; William was a soldier in the war for the Union, and has since died; his widow is still living in Lime Creek Township. Mary, now the wife of Henry Nicola, resides in Mahaska County; Samuel, a soldier in the late war, was a member of the 7th Iowa Infantry, and killed at the battle of Corinth; Wellington died in 1856; Murat was a soldier for the Union, a member of the 30th Iowa Infantry; he was taken prisoner, and after having been held as such for some months was exchanged, and started for Annapolis, Md., and was suppose to have died while en route, as he was never heard from afterward. John Rickey emigrated from Virginia to Ohio about 1815, and there lived until 1849, when he came with his family to Washington County, and settled on section 33, Lime Creek Township. He died in September, 1850, at the age of forty-six. His wife died in September, 1853, at the age of forty-two.

Reuben Rickey, the subject of this sketch, came with his parents to this county in 1849, and remained with them until his marriage, which occurred March 2, 1853, to Ruth E. Ayer, a native of Baltimore County, Md., and daughter of John Ayer, also a native of that State. Her father was a soldier in the War of 1812. He was among the earliest settlers of Washington County, and here died about 1874. His wife preceded him to the spirit land. Mr. and Mrs. Rickey have been the parents of seven children, namely, Victoria, now the wife of William Haller, of Dayton, Washington County; Jenny Lind, the wife of Henry Schultz, of Cedar Township; Benjamin Franklin, now engaged in farming in Lime Creek Township; Irene R., the wife of Isaiah Oldfield, of Cedar Township; Laura A. and Viola, at home; Clara A. died in infancy.

Mr. Rickey is one of the representative men of Lime Creek Township. He commenced life a poor boy, and at the time of his marriage was in very limited circumstances. He is now the owner of 152 acres, all of which is under cultivation, and well improved. All that he has is the result of his own labor, together with that of his wife. He has been Township Assessor and Trustee for a number of years, and has held various other township offices. His wife and family are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Politically, he is a Democrat,

page 368 one who is well informed, and who takes great interest in public affairs. He is a public-spirited and enterprising man, a firm believer in compulsory education, believing that in the education of children lies the hope of the perpetuity of the Union.
  Of interest is Reuben Rickey was born in 1831 in New Holland, Pickaway Co. OH. This is very near where our Dunnicks were living at the time. John (b. 1816) W.'s wife Henrietta was from New Holland.  
  History of Washington County, Iowa from the First White Settlements to
, by Howard A. Burrell ... Vols II only. Chicago: S J Clarke
Publishing Company, 1909.


Almost a century and a half ago George Washington said that "Farming is the most useful as well as the most honorable occupation of man." It is to this work that Reuben Rickey gives his time and attention, for he is the owner of a farm of one hundred and thirty-seven acres in Lime Creek township. He has long made a specialty of raising and feeding stock and although he is now in his seventy-eighth year he still gives active supervision to his business affairs. His life record began in Pickaway county, Ohio, December 28, 1831,
his parents being John and Ruth (Dick) Rickey. The father was born in west Virginia, while the mother's birth occurred in Pickaway county, Ohio. They lived in the latter state for a number of years after their marriage and on coming to Iowa in 1848 took up their abode in this county, where they resided until called to their final rest. The father, however, was not long permitted to enjoy his new home, for his death occurred in October, 1850, the mother surviving him until September, 1854. In their family were seven
children but five of the number are now deceased. Those still living are Reuben and Mary, the latter the wife of Henry Nichols, of Battle Creek, Michigan.

Reuben Rickey was sixteen year of age at the time of the removal of the family from Ohio to Iowa. He had pursued his education in the common schools and after coming to this state he materially assisted his father in the development and improvements of the home farm. He continued on the old home place up to the time of his marriage, which was celebrated in 1854, Miss Lucy Ayers becoming his wife. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1831, and was a daughter of John and Rachael (Dunick) Ayers, who were also
natives of Baltimore. The year 1851 witnessed their arrival in this county, where they remained until called to their final rest. Their family numbered seven children.

Following their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Rickey began their domestic life in this county and he has since been identified with its farming interests. He now owns one hundred and thirty-seven acres of land on section 33, Lime Creek township, and the place is lacking in none of the equipments and accessories of a model farm. For a long period he also engaged in raising and feeding stock and found that branch of his business very remunerative. He is now, however, living practically retired, renting his land that he might spend the evening of his days in the enjoyment of well earned rest.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Rickey has been blessed with seven children: Victoria, now the wife of William Haller, residing in Oklahoma; Jennie L., the wife of Henry Schultz of this county; Rachel Irena, the wife of Isaiah Oldfield, of this county; Allie, the wife of Samuel Oldfield, of the same county; Viola, the wife of Alva Knox; Benjamin F., who is married and lives in Washington county; and Laura A., deceased.

The family is widely and favorably known in this part of the state, the members of the household occupying an enviable position in the social circles in which they move. Mr. Rickey has always given his political
allegiance to the democratic party and has filled all of the township offices, the duties of which he has discharged with promptness and fidelity, his course reflecting credit upon himself and his constituents. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity and his wife is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. In his life he exemplifies the beneficent spirit of the craft, which is based upon mutual helpfulness and brotherly kindness.
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  Ruben and Ruth are listed in the 1880 census for Lime Creek, Washington Co. IA Family History Library Film 1254368, NA Film T9-0368, page 6D. It lists Ruth as age 49, b. MD and Ruben as 48 b. OH. The children listed were all born in IA Benjamin age 19, Frannie age 18, Alice 15 and Viola 13. Perhaps there are older children no longer living at home.  
  Pilotsburg Cemetery: Lime Creek township

Ruth E. RICKEY 10 Feb. 1914
Reuben RICKEY 6 March 1910
John Ayers 26 Jan 1875
Rachel Ayers 10 April 1873, age 80
   1850 census for Washington County, Iowa, Roll M 432-189, page 526, Division 20

John Rickey age 40
Ruthe - age 4 (9?) b. OH(wife/female)
Catherine age 33 (female)
Ruban - age 18 b. OH
William age 14 b. OH
Mara abe 12 b. OH (female)
Samuel age 10 b. OH
Wellington age 7 b. OH
Harriett age 5 b. OH (female)

Cedine age 8 b. IL (female)