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wife of Joshua DUNNUCK

  Sources: Construction Notes to myself: Gather and list sources the for dates on Dianah.
and the Tallman family

Dunnuck Bible (from 1803 to 2000) Earliest Dunnuck date 1816 - J. W. Dunnuck.
Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln by Lea & Hutchinson, 1909
Boone Family by Spraker, publ 1922, Buffalo, N.Y, page
Tallman Genealogical Record
Tallman Family Bible - transcribed by J. Roe.
Biographies of J. W. Dunnuck
Biography of Joshua and T .J. Dunnuck
DAR Papers Dunnuck
Will of Joshua
Guardianship papers for his minor children
Census records.

Mr Harrison - (shared Tallman Genealogy records - which listed the first 5 children (only) of Joshua & Dianah)
Dufree Descendants
Our branch family lore

  Dianah Tallman (Dianah, Diana, Dinah variously spelled) was born October (or November- depending on your source) 1, 1793 in Rockingham VA, the 5th child of William and Phebe (HENTON) TALLMAN. (both the Tallman, Talman and Henton, Hinton names were used as middle names by their descendants) Information on Diana is a bit sketchy. I have seen a considerable amount of information from seemingly good sources, some very old with close, yet conflicting dates, and do not know which is correct.

Dianah was married to Joshua DUNNUCK in Pickaway Co. Ohio - Dec. 26, 1811 by Justice of the Peace, John Emmitt, (DAR Marriage records- Early Ohio.) She would have been 18 at the time of her marriage. (A transcription of the probate records of their marriage misspell her name as Toolman). While a teenager, she settled in Ohio when her family migrated from Virginia. The exact date of their migration is not known but it was in the early (probably first decade of) 1800's. According to Dufree Descendants, which was shared with me by Richard Harrison, Joshua and Diana had five children. ( I list Joshua as having more) The Durfee source listed Catherine, John W., Phebe, Benjamin, and Elizabeth.

Joshua and family lived in Walnut Township, Pickaway County Ohio and are listed there in 1820, 1830, and 1831 census information. The 1830 census lists his age as between 40 & 50 which is the source of the estimate for his birth - ca 1790

Dianah's parents, natives of Pennsylvania, were William TALLMAN (1776-1850) and Phebe (Henton) TALLMAN (1765-1833). William died at Royalton, Fairfield Co. OH, and Phebe in Pickaway Co. OH., both outliving their daughter, Dianah.

Like her birth, Diana's death date is also somewhat in question. I have seen records showing that Dinah died September 10 (and 20th) in 1824, but have also seen that she died Sept 10, 1822 // or Sept 20, 1824. The 1880 census for Walnut township lists her daughter as age 56 which would place her birth as 1824 so the 1822 date is incorrect. It also raises the question as to the possibility Diana died in childbirth or complications that followed.

Need to DO --- next visit include a weekday and get Joshua's will.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Diana is her linage. Through her father William Tallman, she was related to the BOONE and LINCOLN families. Her connection with the family of ABRAHAM LINCOLN - through Mordicia LINCOLN and DANIEL BOONE through (dig out) as well as other notables such as John WHITMAN, Obediah HOLMES, Richard SALTER, and John BOWNE...all characters of our history books. I have not included this information on this DUNN*CK family web site as it is already well documented. I have a tremendous amount of information on these people. I live near Springfield, IL where the quantity and quality of Lincoln - Boone information is fantistic. If you wish more information on the ancestors of Dianah Tallman feel free to contact me. (