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  Grandson -- of Joshua DUNNICK (b. ca 1790 of MD)

  Source: History of Pickaway County and Representative Citizens by Van Cleaf, Publ Biographical Publ Co., Chicago, 1906, page ???  
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  Source: "Ashville, "Representative Citizens" book, publ about 1905". donated by Carolyn Rebecca BLOCK ("Becky")  
  "Absalom Ashbrook was born in Virginia and made his entrance into Ohio as a babe in his mother's arms. His parents made the journey from Virginia on horseback and settled in Amanda township, Fairfield County. There the father of our subject [George W.] was reared, there obtained his district school education and there was subsequently married to Phebe Dunnick. To this marriage eight children were born. After his marriage, Absalom Ashbrook moved to Walnut township, Pickaway County, and in 1847 bought of William Stage the latter's distillery, with several hundred acres of land. Later he moved back to Amanda township, Fairfield County, where he died."  
  The following account is by "Becky" Carolyn Rebecca BLOCK and share with us July 2001.

My source for the Ashbrook data is mostly through asking Uncle Ray, Aunt Helen and Auntie Ruth, when they were alive, and writing everything down. I have also found confirmations via web searches, for some births, marriages, etc. In addition, since, sadly, my mom is the last of the family, she has all of the keepsakes of these people, including newspaper clippings and so on. Unfortunately, when I started doing this (about 25 years ago), I didn't always write down the source. Now, I am trying to reconstruct everything.
  George W. Ashbrook Sr. and Jane Reber had only one son, Chester.. George had been married before, and had another son by that marriage, George W. Ashbrook, Jr.

Chester Reber Ashbrook (25 May, 1869 - 14 Sep. 1918) married Mattie Peter Weaver on October 7, 1897 at the home of the bride's mother outside of Ashville. Mattie was the daughter of Philip Weaver and Mary Peters. Philip and Mary had three other children, Clara, Clayton C. "Clate," and Harry B. Clate married Clara Haas, and they had five daughters. They lived in a beautiful brick house on a farm a mile or so from the Ashbrooks.

Chester and Mattie had two children, Ray and Helen. Ray was born 27 Jan 1900. (I have Mattie's notes on little Ray's infant development, including a lock of his hair.) Helen was born 8 dec 1906. The family lived in a small house on a farm outside Ashville (not far from Reber Hill Cemetery), next to the larger house where Chester's parents lived. When his father, George W. Sr, died they moved to the bigger house. Both houses are still there.

After Chester's death Mattie sold the farm and moved with the two children to Columbus. She was my "Auntie Ashbrook."

Ray married his childhood sweetheart, Ruth Marguerite Kraft. Ruth was the daughter of Warren Wilson Kraft and Clara Agnes Whitehurst. Glen H. Kraft was her brother. (Other children were Karl W., Caroline Alice, baby Fred who died in infancy,and Elizabeth Mary.) Warren Wilson was the son of George Henry Kraft and Caroline Wilson. They had three children - Warren Wilson, Jemima Ann and
Alice. That is your "Alice Kraft."

Helen married Paul Ashbaugh. Neither Helen or Ray had any children.

About George W. Ashbrook, Jr., I am not sure. Uncle Ray and Auntie Ruth told me that he homesteaded in Kansas and discovered oil." I was reluctant to pressure them for details, and that's all I know. I don't even know his mother's name.
George W. Sr. died between 1905 and 1910.

Everyone is buried in Reber Hill Cemetery.
  from: Brief History of Harrison Twp., Pickaway County, Ohio

In 1812 two distilleries were built near Ashville and were owned by William and Richard Stage. The land that is now Ashville was at that time primarily the property of Richard Stage. After many years he sold his distillery to Mahlon Ashbrook, who did a large business. He also built a grist mill on Walnut Creek about 1845 and owned a large store until about 1855. A few years later the distillery was also closed. From then until the construction of the Scioto Valley Railroad through Ashville and the advent of a depot, business was slow at Ashville. George C. Morrison became its first postmaster after 1874. Ashville was incorporated in 1880, with the first mayor being W. R. Julian.
  Ashbrook, Mahlon -- (History of Pickaway County, Ohio and Representative Citizens, 1906, Hon. Aaron R. Van Cleaf -- pg. 127)
Harrison Twp. Bought Richard Stage's distillery at Ashville; village was named for him
  Stage, Richard --(History of Pickaway County, Ohio and Representative Citizens, 1906, Hon. Aaron R. Van Cleaf -- pg. 124) Harrison Twp. Built a distillery near Ashville in 1812; laid out lots at Millport in 1837

Stage, William --(History of Pickaway County, Ohio and Representative Citizens, 1906, Hon. Aaron R. Van Cleaf -- pg. 124) Built a distillery near Ashville in 1812


1900 Walnut township, Pickaway Co. OH series T623, film 1313, book 2, page 266a

HH. 191 - Ashbrook, George W. born May 1841, age 59, wed 35 years. Farmer
. . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . Jane . . . . . b. March 1844, age 56, wed 35 years. 2 children, 1 living

HH. 194 - Ashbrook, Chester R. born May 1869, age 31 years, wed 2 years farmer
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mattie. . . . born Aug 1972, age 27, wed 2 years, 2 children, 1 living

1910 Walnut township, Pickaway Co. OH series T624, film 1223, part 2, page 332a

HH 249 - Ashbrook, Chester, age 40 married 11 years Farmer (OH/VA/OH)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mattie, age 37 married 11 years, 3 children, 2 living
. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . Ray, ....age 12 (son)
. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . Hellen,. age 3 (dau)
. . . . . . . . Allcook, . . .Lillian,. age 18 single servant
. . . . . . .. Ashbook, . . Jane, . age 65 widow, Mother