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Compiled by: Sue N. Haschemeyer snhasch(@)



  A thank you to all our contributors:  


  (Grandmother) Ruby Dunnuck Nusbaum (died 1962)-- Her information began with the will of John of Maryland and included information on his children. She descends from Joshua ( b. circa 1790), his son John W. b. 1816 in OH and grandson Benjamin of IN. She gave me a Dunnuck family Bible ( its contents are included in these pages), her copy (one of seven) of a civil war journal kept by Benjamin, her DAR papers and numerous other wonderful sources including a number of original books containing biographical information on Dunnuck (ick) family members. These books date into the 1800's. She and Marie DUNNUCK (Helen Marie) often tried to find how they were related (no success). I present this web page as a tribute to her, her love of genealogy, and trust with which she gifted me to preserve our Dunn*ck heritage. (Webmaster).  
  Sue Nusbaum Haschemeyer --------------------------------(Webmaster)
Interest in ALL DUNN*CK's -----------------------
  H. Marie Dunnuck Coleman (died 1989) ---- Her contribution was the children and some grandchildren of SAMUEL b. 1798 in MD- to OH - to IN  
  D. Sheldon Copeland -------------------His speciality is the descendants of SAMUEL b. 1798 in MD lived OH - died IN- some children to IL  
  Cleona Dunnuck (died 1980) ---------- of JOSHUA's Ohio line.  
  David Dunnuck ----------------------- Descendants of Herman Dunnuck  
  Scott & Millie Dunnuck ----------------flow chart on the descendants of ISAAC b.1831- IN and his son Charles.  
  Louesa J. Keys (died 1957)-------------Gorsuch Family (Thomas' line)  
  Shirely Nice Schuldt---------------------Shirley's contribution & interest centers around the descendants of Thomas (b. bef. 1787 - d. 1845) And of course the parents of John b. 1747 - MD  
  Roland and Karla Steward --------------Information on the Steward line, and Ohio members of Joshua's (b. md) line, especially the descendants of Benjamin Tallman Dunnick and wife Minerva Ashbrook. Biographicals on Cromley, Ashbrook, and Northstine families. And help proofing this web page.  
  Steve Hartman--------------------------- Information on the descendants of Samuel.  
  Noble Gene Dunnuck ----------------------- Gorsuch wills, obits from the George H.(b. 1851) line, and other misc. information.  
  Paul Yoder --------------------------------descendants of Elizabeth Dunnuck b. 1844  
  Diana Kunath - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Descendants of Ann DUNNUCK b. 1819  
  Carolyn Rebecca Block "Becky" - - - - - - Descendants of George W. ASHBROOK.  
  Rebecca Weiss - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Descendants of Ivy DUNNICK  
  Margie Klecker VARNER- - - - - - - - - -ancestors & descendants of Edon E. Dunnick  
  Christos Christou, Jr. - - - - - - - - - - - - - -interested in Dorcus Dunnuck  


Areas of Interest.
S. N. Haschemeyer, Webmaster All Dunn*ck's
esp. descendants of Joshua b. MD lived OH, d. IN.
s/o John born b. 1747 in MD. 
some locations this family is known to live.
MD,----> OH,--->
IN, IL, KS,---> then scattered
NE, CA, MO, MI, WA, FL Canada..etc.