Dunn*ck Family Genealogy

Compiled by: Sue N. Haschemeyer snhasch (at) aol.com
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John Dunnuck died 1819 Baltimore Co. MD (found with old documents held by Ruby Dunnuck Nusbaum d. 1962. Transcriber and date of transcription unknown) donated by Sue Haschemeyer - webmaster
Catherine Dunnuck died 1836 - MD
John W. Dunnick died 1900 Kosciusko Co. IN (will and codicile from Kosciusko Co. 1982) donated by Sue Haschemeyer)
John D. DUNNUCK 1814-1876 Washington Co. KS (will donated by Larry and Patricia SPARKS
 Elisha Dunnuck died 1894 Kosciusko Co., IN [Book five, page 79 (Jul 18, 1894) and page 398 (24 Mar 1898)] donated by Sue Haschemeyer
Joshua Dunnuck died 1891 Franklin Co. KS Packet #1041, donated by Sue Haschemeyer
Elisha Dunnuck died 1893 Franklin Co. KS Packet #1040 Franklin Co. KS donated by Sue Haschemeyer
 Sarah Dunnuck died IN Original in possesion & donated by Sue Haschemeyer
Mary J. Dunnick (1933) St. Joseph Co. IN 092, 0
Chester R. Dunnuck (1945) St. Joseph Co., IN 133, 1
Ethel (Plummer) Dunnuck (Mrs. Henry) (1962)
St. Joseph Co., IN. 256, 1
 Samuel R. Dunnuck (1965) St. Joseph Co. IN 278, 2
Nicholas Dunnuck (1881) Sangamon County, Illinois - Intestate
David Gorsuch (1841) Baltimore, MD Notes by Lousia Keys
Charles Gorsuch Dec. 14, 1792 Baltimore, MD Notes by Louisa Keys
 Henry Dunnick Almony (son of Dorcas DUNN*CK ALMONY) Baltimore Co. MD Book 2, page 85
Henry Bell (Patriarch of the Bell family) - Great Grandfather of Rebecca Bell, wife of Samuel Dunnuck
John Rumford (father of Henry Bell's 1st wife)
Luke Dunnuck -- notes from probate records 0-1001 Luke Dunnick and 0-1050 Elizabeth Dunnuck at Pickaway Co. OH - 1845 & 1846)